A few important links Mamatoto would like to share



Better Health Channel

Better Health Channel is a very reputable source of information on a wide variety of health care issues.

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Domestic Violence and Incest Resource Centre

Information on abuse in relationships

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Enviro Family

Natural fertility, pregnancy and birth, breast feeding, co-sleeping, discipline, food issues, natural medicine, education choices, hemp and organic products

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Medicare and medicare safety net

Did you know that individuals are automatically registered for the Medicare Safety Net? If you want to register for the Safety Net as a couple or family you will need to contact Medicare. Being registered as a couple or family means that if your spouse or children also have out of pocket medical expenses then these will contribute to the one safety net. Please visit for more information.

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Midwives Australia

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Pregnancy Birth and Beyond

This website belongs to a Sydney based midwife in Private Practice (Jane Palmer).  Her website is very informative and has a lot of links to different information and services

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Pregnancy, Birth and Baby website

A very comprehensive website launched by the Federal Government.

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Royal Women’s Hospital

The Royal Women’s Hospital have some excellent fact sheets about many topics relating to pregnancy, birth and the postnatal period.  Please browse their website for information

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Pre Conception Care

Website discussing conception, pregnancy, birth and postnatal information

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Pregnancy Information

Antenatal and postnatal depression and depression in general

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Calmbirth Classes®

Juliana (one of the Mamatoto Midwives) runs Calmbirth Classes.  Ask Juliana more about calmbirth ® classes.

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Exercise in Pregnancy

Pre natal stretch and relax classes

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Listeria Information

Here is some information about Listeria published by the Victorian Health Department.

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Pre and post natal massage

Rowville 9755-8859



Maternal Serum Screening Tests

Your midwives will discuss Maternal serum screening with you at your appointment, please have a look at some more information published by Victorian Centre for Genetics Screening

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Maternity Coalition (Choices for childbirth)

Offers some very good classes on specific topics related to VBAC, labour and birth, and early parenting. Maternity coalition also offers some great information on general topics ranging from pregnancy, birth, use of water and post natal experiences

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Heather Cock – Melbourne Therapy Centre, 221 Wonga Road, Warranwood 3134

Bulleen Osteopathy – 195 Thompsons Road, Bulleen 8850-3500



Smoking in Pregnancy

Midwives at Mamatoto will talk to you and support you in your resolve to quit smoking during pregnancy.  We can recommend ways to quit smoking in pregnancy, and this support extends to your partner and family.

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Labour and Birth



VBAC Information and Support

This is a very up to date informative site about healing after VBAC.

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Parenting Information



Environmentally conscious parenting

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Heather Cock – Melbourne Therapy Centre, 221 Wonga Road, Warranwood 3134

Bulleen Osteopathy – 195 Thompsons Road, Bulleen 8850-3500



Parenting with confidence

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Pets and babies/children

A Guide to nurturing the child and pet relationship from pregnancy to pre school

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Crying and unsettled babies

Pinky McKay has written some books about settling babies gently.  Mamatoto Midwives do not support controlled crying techniques as there is no evidence that this technique does not cause harm to new babies.  Instead, we will show you and give you information on gentle ways to settle your baby.  Have a look at Pinky McKay’s website

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Royal Children’s Hospital

The RCH also offer some useful information about unsettled babies.  They also offer links in this article

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