Mamatoto Statistics

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For the half year (January to June 2013 – 18 births)

At a glance Mamatoto Midwives has a 89% normal vaginal birth rate

100% VBAC success rate (based on 5 births)

11% caesarean section rate

5 % admission to special care nursery rate

As Director of Mamatoto Mdwives, I am very pleased with the above statistics.


Furthermore: Since the beginning of Mamatoto Midwives;

87% of babies are born by normal vaginal birth

10% of babies are born by LUSCS

3% of babies have an assisted vaginal birth

85% of those women wanting VBAC have a successful VBAC

5% of Mamatoto babies will have a SCN admission (this was based on two known abnormailties and one unexpected admission for RDS)



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