Mamatoto’s “Jamii morning tea”

In the School Holiday’s, on the 12th January, Mamatoto’s “Jamii (Family) Morning Tea” was held in Healesville in Queens Reverve.  We had about 10 families come together to share time with each other and to share birth stories.  We had some of our first “Mamatoto babies’ come and it was so lovely for me to see these babies start out from little jelly beans and develop into sentence constructing toddlers!

As it was School Holidays, my children (Harry, Grace and Riley) were able to come along and Riley loved taking the babies down the slide in his lap, Grace loved swinging children on the swing, and Harry liked the responsibility of having a watchful eye on all the little ones running around and climbing on the playground.

Lil (Mamatoto’s new Midwife) also came along to meet past and current Mamatoto Families.  Lil brought her baby “Lola” to meet the other babies and little Lola loved to explore…

We will have another Jamii Mamatoto Morning Tea in April!  This time we will go to Collingwood Children’s Farm.  Thank you to all the Families (including Grandparents) who came along to make the Morning very special…

Juliana and Lil xxoo

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