New Graduate joins Mamatoto

On Thursday it was my pleasure to meet Dina Phillips, a Graduate Midwife from New Zealand who is wanting to be mentored by some experienced midwives through her Graduate Year. I am delighted to announce that Dina will be joining Mamatoto Midwives in 2014.

Please read Dina’s profile. It will be appearing under the ‘about Mamatoto Midwives’ page shortly. Juliana xxoo

I believe that Midwifery care should encompass the physical, spiritual, emotional and cultural aspects of the woman and the environment in which she lives. From personal understanding I believe pregnancy, childbirth and motherhood to be a unique and challenging experience for every woman. From reflective practice I have found that when relationships of trust and confidence are developed, communication is encouraged which provides empowerment and better satisfaction outcomes for the woman, her baby and her family. Working in partnership with woman, providing positive guidance and support and acting as an advocate when necessary, is my aim to give the best care possible.

When I experienced my first pregnancy and birth I was inspired by the amazing changes my body endured.

I enjoyed the relationship I made with my midwife, and after my 3rd child (a fantastic homebirth) I knew I wanted to help women during this period of her life.

Five years later as a mature age student, I grasped at every learning opportunity with enthusiasm and a desire to succeed in my goal of becoming a Midwife. The road was not always easy and many challenges were placed in front of me, but with determination to build a better future for myself and my children, I finally celebrated one of my happiest days in my life; my graduation with a degree in Midwifery.

I moved from my homeland New Zealand to Melbourne two days after graduation to begin an exciting new life, journey and career with an open mind and excitement of the possibilities that lay ahead.

I feel very grateful to share such a significant time with women, humbled by her stories, times of vulnerability, strength and joy.


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