A better way of giving birth

My friend Rod Gale emailed me this morning and said in his email “Have you read the article in today’s age newspaper on page 5?” I hadn’t as best essay writing service reviews it turned out, and as I read the article, I thought how timely it was that different cultural traditions surrounding childbirth be discussed in The Age, as it was just last

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night that I met a lovely couple from Indonesia.

I talked with them about birth culture in Indonesia, and the woman told me that women often see Midwives in Indonesia, that seeing Midwives was the ‘normal thing to do’ and birth is a very social event, and considered very natural. I discussed with her Western societies view on childbirth that it is essentially a ‘feared and painful ordeal one must fight through’ – and although this is not the view for all women, it is the view of many women and many Dr’s see birth as a dangerous event. The woman’s husband had read about Western culture surrounding birth, and his opinion from what he had read is that birth is feared, and very ‘medicalised in Australia.’

We discussed her knowledge on breastfeeding too, and she had seen many women breastfeed and she didn’t appear to have any worries or concerns about breastfeeding. As a western society, we don’t get to watch a lot of women breast feed as it is often something women feel they need to do in private. Or if done in public, women are very discreet, so other women don’t get to learn how to breastfeed by watching others.

The link to the article in today’s Age Newspaper is below –


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