A calm beautiful natural birth of little Storm Ivy

What an absolute privilege and honour it has been for me to be able to work with my lovely couple Ally and Andy since little Storm was the size of a jelly bean!

Right from the beginning Ally truely believed in her body’s ability to give birth naturally.

She had no fear of the natural process of giving birth and her partner Andy supported her entirely throughout her pregnancy and birth. My Calmbirth classes taught them about how fear leads to tension, and how tension leads to pain, and some breathing techniques to help Ally stay calm and relaxed through her labour and birth (and Andy too)!

early labour

Ally was faced with the challenge of a long pre labour, about 3 days worth of mild to moderate irregular contractions. Most women become exhausted in this situation, but Ally just realised that this was how her labour was meant to be. Her attitude was inspirational. Ally’s baby did the long rotation from being on Ally’s right side to being on her left throughout this time. She was reassured by Storms regular movements, Andy offered her regular food and drink, love and encouragement, I encouraged rest.

Gym ball

I visited the afternoon of 11th June just to check that both Ally and her baby girl were well. Labour was still in the early stages, so it was decided I should go home for some sleep

labour progressing

Labour started to intensify in the night time. Ally was so strong, so calm and Andy just so supportive and blissfully unaware of just how quickly Ally was progressing once labour had established!


Still remaining so calm, Ally knows how important this is. She feels her baby’s movements, relaxes in the warm pool. although the picture looks bright, the room was very dark and warm, enabling further relaxation. Andy called me at about 1am and said Ally was doing really well, her thighs were shaking. Is this transition I was thinking to myself, I had better

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come over

Juliana arrives

I arrive to this! Ally pushing involuntarily and guess who can be seen in the mirror? The top of little Storms head was clearly visible. No time to do anything really except to have a listen to baby’s heart beat. Ally looked me straight in the eye and said “She’s been moving around the whole time”.

making sure baby is well

Then all at once, little Storm arrived into Ally’s arms, she was reaching out to her Mother under water with her eyes looking directly at Ally.

here so quickly

Ally brings her own baby to her chest and holds her close to her heart, warm, calm and safely in her Mothers arms

our first BF

Little storm knows exactly what to do! Breast feeding within minutes of being born

time for placenta

Time for the birth of the placenta. Little Storm still feeding, helping Ally’s oxytocin supply. The room is still dark, and Andy as always offering encouraging words, and the magic touch from his hands.

time to weigh 3220g

Time to weigh little Storm, she weighs 3220g

skin to skin with Daddy

Time for some skin to skin with Daddy!

another BF

The birth of little Storm is over, but the memories of her birth will last with me for my lifetime. Ally, Andy and baby Storm, once again it is a privilege and an honour to have been invited to be your midwife. Be proud of your achievements. Your physical and emotional preparation during your pregnancy really paid off. With love and admiration for your beautiful family – Juliana xxoo

our new family


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