ALSO Course in Brisbane

I attended the Advanced Life Support in Obstetrics (ALSO) course in Brisbane last month.

I have done it before about 10 years ago but it was well worth doing again for many reasons.

When caring for women in labour at home Midwives don’t have the immediate support of ‘pressing the buzzer’ and having 10 people arrive to help as you do in hospital. And although acute emergencies in

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the home setting are not common, it is still very worthwhile for Midwives to be very skilled in handling ALL emergencies that can happen ‘just in case’.

The reason why the ALSO course was so helpful to me in my practice is that the course material does not assume that you have birth occuring in level three hospitals (those with neonatal intensive care nurseries NICU). The course is designed for all settings, including rural and remote so the thinking applied is based on one to two midwives working together to deal with the emergency.

The course also applies mnemonics for each emergency situation for ‘easy recall’ of each emergency action to be taken.

Many thanks to ALSO and the course facilitators for volunteering their time over the whole weekend.


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