Calmbirth® Classes in January

Juliana does not yet appear on the Calmbirth ® Register as a registered practitioner as Peter and Sue Jackson have taken leave until after 16th January over the festive season.  My name and photo will appear on the register after this time.

Dates for the next Calmbirth ® Classes are as follows;

Calmbirth ® Weekend Workshops:

Saturday 21st and 28th January 2012 from 1000am until 4pm at the beautiful Wyreena Community Arts Centre in Croydon (5 mins from Ringwood exit on Eastlink).  A gourmet lunch will be provided

Happiness and Wellbeing for New Parents will be held on 4th February from 1000am until 4pm at The Michael Centre in Warranwood.  A gourmet lunch will be provided.


Saturday 3rd and 4h March 2012 from 1000am until 4pm in the Yarra Valley.  A gourmet lunch will be provided


Series of Calmbirth ® classes

Wednesday 25th January, 1st, 8th and 15th February from 6.30pm until 9pm at Wyreena Community Arts Centre – Croydon.  Refreshments are provided



Costs:  Calmbirth ® Weekend Workshops and Classes cost $450.00 per couple (lunch for workshops casino online and refreshments for evening classes included). 

Happiness and Wellbeing Weekend Workshop costs $280 per couple.  These costs include lunch and refreshments

This is what I have said about myself for the Calmbirth Practitioners Website

I am a Midwife of 17 years and have worked in the Public and Private Hospital system, mainly in Birth Centres in Melbourne.  I am currently in Private Practice as a Medicare Eligible Midwife with Mamatoto Midwives, offering women pregnancy, labour, birth and postnatal care, and Calmbirth ®Classes. I have a special interest in preventing the first caesarean birth, VBAC, water birth and working with women from different cultures.

I was inspired to do the Calmbirth Practitioners training after witnessing how couples who had attended Calmbirth ®Classes were fearless, relaxed and had trust in the abilities of woman’s bodies to birth their babies naturally and calmly.  Since completing the course, I am energised and inspired by the transition in couples from the beginning to the end of my classes.  My Calmbirth classes not only prepare you to birth your baby fearlessly and calmly, they also teach you how to communicate with your baby in different ways during pregnancy, and how to nurture your relationship as a couple.

I have three beautiful children, all born in birth centres in Melbourne, two of whom were water births.  My birth experiences were very positive and empowering for me and my family.

I run Calmbirth ®Classes in Croydon/Warranwood/Yarra Valley areas.

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