Covid 19 and your plans for birth…

To Our Wonderful Clients and their Families .

Mamatoto Midwives and the Midwives of MMC have been in discussion regarding the corona virus (Covid 19) and how it will impact our model of care.

We would like to advise you of the following-:

We have made the decision to keep providing midwifery care:

  • attending antenatal visits– face-to-face visits will be limited to 10-15 minutes to take your blood pressure and to assess your baby’s growth with the remainder of the visit via phone or zoom.  Clifton Hill and Elwood clinics have closed down…Our Clifton Hill clients will be seen in Kew, and our Elwood clients seen in Hampton…specific details to follow…
  • Supporting women during their hospital birth where the woman’s partner has elected not to be present for the birth.  Hospitals are limiting support during labour to one person.
  • Providing homebirth.
  • Attending essential face-to-face postnatal visits and otherwise Tele-health visits during the postnatal period.

We will be making changes to the way we do things in line with the advice we are being given.  This may include wearing personnel protective equipment (PPE) – goggles, overshirts or gowns, masks and wipe-able shoes.  This is for our and your family’s protection and aimed at minimising the spread of corona virus.

We are strongly advising our clients to stay at home.  Wherever possible seek ways to limit your exposure. Our recommendation is to completely isolate from 37 weeks gestation in your home. This will greatly reduce your chance of contracting Corona virus before your birth

Be informed

If you are concerned that you have been exposed to corona virus or if you are feeling unwell please contact your midwife and call Corona virus hotline 1800 675 398 (24 hours).

If one of the midwives in the group becomes unwell they will be unavailable to provide care – we want to remain well to continue to provide care – however if our workforce is unable to provide two midwives for a homebirth we will have no alternative but to transfer a woman’s care to the nearest public maternity service. 

If you have a cough and a fever in pregnancy, you may be tested for Corona virus. If you test positive, when you are in labour the recommendation is to transfer your care to hospital care. This is more so to keep observation of your newborn.

We are living in very difficult times and as your are aware advisories are being updated daily.  Please contact your midwife if your have further questions or concerns.

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