Do the breathing and relaxation techniques taught in Calmbirth really make a difference?

What an honour and privilege it was to be asked to be the midwife of one of my clients who gave birth recently to her first baby.

While on a post birth ‘high’ I thought I’d blog about what I witnessed through her birth.

Before my arrival I was suprised that my client seemed to be a bit ‘negative’ and ‘struggling’ to cope with her intense contractions which had only just started an hour earlier. When I arrived, I found her in the bath saying ‘Juliana, I really can’t do this’ breathing quickly and she was holding a lot of tension in her body. My client had attended one of my Calmbirth courses, so I reminded her to breathe deeply, ‘long deep breath, in and out’, I discussed some visualisations and used some techniques to help relax her. Within 10 minutes she was a different person. Breathing deeply, calmly, focussing on relaxing her whole body, and a few hours later we discoved she was ‘fully dilated’.

She ‘breathed’ her baby down until the urge to push was strong, then she proceeded to have her baby within the hour. Although she acknowledged that her labour ‘sure was hard work’ she did also say ‘That was a really good birth and a very positive experience’.


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have seen many women able to have peaceful labours and births when they truely believe in their bodies ability to give birth. Also when their beliefs and attitudes to labour are positive and welcoming, women are able to maintain more relaxation, and I do believe they perceive labour and birth to be a more positive experience than those who are negative, fearful, and fight labour all the way.

I do believe that the breathing techniques and the relaxation taught in Calmbirth classes really do make a difference.

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