Local Midwives collectively donate to fund a Student Midwife through “Hamlin Prevention Program”

As many of you are probably aware, the wonderful Catherine Hamlin and her husband Reg founded the Hamlin Foundation over 60 years ago…an organisation focused on eradicating Obstetric Fistula in Ethiopia.

Part of the Hamlin Foundation has set up the “Hamlin Prevention Program” training local Ethiopian women to complete a Bachelor of Midwifery Degree offered at Hamlin School of Midwifery. The Degree runs over four years, and on completion of the degree in Midwifery, graduates return to their communities to use their skills and knowledge to keep their birthing communities safe. Currently less than 15% of women in Ethiopia have a skilled birth attendant at their births leading to high rates of Maternal and Perinatal mortality and morbidity, including Obstetric Fistula.

To date, 170 Hamlin midwives have completed their Bachelor of Midwifery and these midwives assisted with over 30,000 births in the last year alone! And NOT ONE Obstetric Fistula occurred!

Juliana Brennan and Danielle Sorbello (Mamatoto Midwives), Robyn Partington and Lisa Wraith (Yarra Valley Midwives), Louise Noorbergen, Clare Lane, Amanda Schmidt (Embracing Birth), Elizabeth Murphy (The Midwife Collective), and Erin Coggins (Aveta Birthing Services) have jointly committed to fully fund one Ethiopian midwife to complete her full Bachelor of Midwifery over the four years through the Hamlin Prevention Program. Each years funding covers tuition fees, board and meals for the student midwife.

In areas of Ethiopia, where there is a Hamlin Midwife, Obstetric Fistula drops to ZERO!

Thank you so very much to the above named midwives for their wonderful contributions to such a good cause xxoo

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