Mamatoto Midwives Statistics for the first year

I am very pleased to announce that I have collated the statistics for Mamatoto Midwives in the first year for all births, whether at public, private hospital or at home.


We have 85% of our clients having a vaginal birth

We have 81% of our clients having a spontaneous vaginal birth

15% of our clients had a caesarean section and these are based on women of low and high risk (RWH COSMOS low risk clients have 19.4% caesarean section rate)

19% of our clients of all risk had an epidural for labour (excluding epidural/spinal used for caesarean section –

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RWH COSMOS clients (low risk only) have 30.5% epidural rate)

0% of our clients use narcotic analgesia

25% of women used Nitrous Oxide

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