Mamatoto VBAC success rate

Mamatoto Midwives current VBAC success rate is 89%. This is based on 17 clients, of whom 2 had repeat caesarean sections. I think both repeat caesareans were necessary. The first repeat caesarean was performed after my client laboured quickly to reach full dilation of the cervix. Regardless of time, mobility, rebozo, her baby’s head remained high and didn’t descend into the pelvis. The other repeat caesarean section was interesting. This clients baby was in the right posterior position, and despite only being 2.8kg, baby didn’t rotate and descend. I am currently researching posterior presentations and their influence on mode of birth as some of my midwifery colleagues believe that baby being in

a posterior position has nothing to do with the mode of birth. From my experience, I would disagree and say posterior presenting babies would be a leading cause of slow progress in labour and caesarean section. I’d love to hear your views…

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