Mamatoto’s Outcomes for 2019

It’s a bit late…but I had planned to publish Mamatoto’s Statistics for 2019 then Covid hit, and delayed everything! My priorities at this time was the safety of my Mothers and babies!
So…here goes!
Mamatoto had 48 births in total for 2019.
42% were first time Mothers
58% had had a baby before

54% of Mamatoto’s clients planned a homebirth
46% planned a hospital birth

Looking at all Mamatoto’s clients…
90% of first time Mothers had a vaginal birth
75% of first time Mothers had a spontaneous vaginal birth…
15% of first time Mothers had an assisted vaginal birth…
10% of first time Mothers had a Caesarean Section (last year was 0%)
0% of first time Mothers planning a homebirth had a LUSCS
100% of Mothers who have had a previous vaginal birth had a spontaneous vaginal birth
78% of all women planning a VBAC had successful VBAC’s
2% had a vaginal breech (undiagnosed hospital birth)

When comparing women planning a Homebirth compared to Women planning a hospital birth…
92% planned homebirth had spontaneous vaginal birth compared to
68% planned hospital births…this includes women planning a VBAC.
4% homebirth clients had an assisted vaginal birth compared to 8% planning a hospital birth…
4% women planning homebirth had a Caesarean Section (1 client previous LUSCS wanting VBAC) compared to 24% planning hospital births (A high % of these women had already had a previous LUSCS)

Post Partum Hemorrhoage: >500ml
Home 4%
Hospital clients 12%

Induction of labour:
Planned homebirth – 0%
Planned hospital birth – 9%

Perineal outcomes:
Planned homebirth clients:
39% intact perineum
39% 1st degree tear not sutured
22% had a sutured tear…8% 1st degree tears, 14% 2nd degree tears
0% Episiotomy

Planned Hospital Birth clients:
18% intact Perineum
55% sutured tear
27% Episiotomy

Special Care Nursery Admissions;
Planned Homebirth clients: 6% (1 baby Jaundice; 1 baby TTN)
Planned Hospital Births: 12% (4 babies, all low Apgars with good outcomes)

In summary, 90% of my first time Mothers had a vaginal birth, regardless of planned hospital or planned homebirth.

My clients who planned a homebirth had a 92% spontaneous vaginal birth rate, a 4% assisted vaginal birth rate, and a 4% LUSCS rate. 0% of first time Mothers planning a homebirth had a LUSCS.

My clients who planned a hospital birth had a much lower rate of spontaneous vaginal birth at 68%, but this is still much higher than the Victorian average. I did have quite a number of women with complicated pregnancies planning hospital births. Some of these women knew they would need an elective LUSCS and had a Private Midwife for support and continuity of care.

I had a very high number of women wanting VBAC in 2019 planning a hospital birth. Several of these women decided to have an Elective LUSCS at 42 weeks as they were únfavourable for induction, and they did not want to continue pregnancy to await spontaneous labour.
My other VBAC clients who had repeat unplanned LUSCS all had LUSCS for failure to progress in labour after very long labours, or very long pre labours that did not establish.

In every outcome, my homebirth clients had better outcomes. Lower rates of Caesarean, assisted vaginal birth, hemorrhage, IOL, SCN admissions, better perineal outcomes when compared to my clients planning a hospital birth. They were all at relatively low risk of complications too.

I have had a quick look at Mamatoto’s statistics for 2020 for the first half of the year and they are looking very good. Danielle has joined the team and we are on track for a much higher number of births than in previous years.
A much higher percentage of planned homebirths, about 25 births already, and two of those women have had successful VBA2C…(both in hospital). None of our homebirth clients to date have had LUSCS or transfers for an assisted vaginal birth.

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