Placental encapsulation and raw consumption of the placenta

well…5 years ago, if you had have said to me that I would be discussing the topic of eating the placenta with my pregnant clients I would have said “Thats simply disgusting”…”How could one even think about eating their own placenta”…”It is a waste product”!  Then about 5 years ago, one of my clients asked me the question…”Well, what do other Mammals do when it comes to eating the placenta?”

To my suprise, most other Mammals, including primate Mammals eat the placenta or after birth.  There are many reasons why this may be so and have a look at the link below which discusses in detail the reasoning why placental consumption by the Mother after the birth may be beneficial…

Most of my clients now opt for placental encapsulation, where their placenta is dried and put into capsules, rather than eating the placenta raw.  some of my clients now opt for a ‘placenta smoothie’ which on many occasions I have made…frozen berries, milk, vanilla, placenta, and some LSA mix…YUM!!!!

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