Most of the services offered by Mamatoto Midwives for pregnancy care, education, birth, and postnatal care attract a medicare rebate (except clambirth ® classes, an on call birth fee and postnatal visits in a hospital).  The amount of rebate you can get depends upon your personal circumstances, such as how much money out of pocket you have paid for medical expenses in the year.  Medicare Schedule fee is paid if your family has reached the medicare safety net of $399.60.  A Medicare benefit (85%) is paid to families who have not reached the medicare safety net threshold for out of hospital services (such as antenatal and postnatal visits at the midwives clinic or in your home.  A medicare benefit (75%) is paid for inhospital birth care.

The scheduled fee and the medicare benefits paid to you as a rebate by medicare depend of the type of appointment/service you are offered by Mamatoto Midwives.


What is the Medicare Safety Net?

The Medicare Safety Net provides families and individuals with financial assistance for high out-of-pocket costs for out-of-hospital Medicare Benefits Schedule (MBS) services. Once you meet a Medicare Safety Net threshold, you may be eligible for additional Medicare benefits for out-of-hospital MBS services for the rest of the calendar year. Also available is the PBS Safety Net if you and your family need a lot of medicines in any year.

The Extended Medicare Safety Net (EMSN) is paid to families who have reached the threshold of $1157.50 in out of pocket costs

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