Vaginal Birth After 2 Caesareans (VBA2C) – Is this possible in the hospital setting?

I write this blog on a ‘high’ post yet another of my clients having a successful VBA2C in a major public hospital. Many of my colleagues have told me that VBA2C would be impossible for my clients to achieve at certain public hospitals. I have not found this to be so with my client.

Since Mamatoto’s inception we’ve had several clients achieve successful VBA2C in the hospital setting. Sure, it wasn’t easy for them in the beginning, meeting Dr’s in the hospital who don’t support their decision, but in each case now, we have found some Consultants within the public setting who would not advocate VBA2C to be the choice of the hospital, yet they have accepted that the woman has a choice, and that in their opinion, hospital is the safe setting for these women to have their VBA2C if this is their wish.

I have just come home from my clients successful VBA2C of a big baby boy! Firstly my client met resistance in the major public hospital where she wanted to give birth about her strong desire to avoid another Caesarean, and to have another ‘go’ at having a VBAC. She was well researched about the ‘risks’ associated with VBA2C, but also knowledgeable about the ‘risks’ associated with repeat caesarean. My client was planning to have a large family, and she didn’t like what she read about the risks associated with having multiple caesarean sections. So she sought me out for some extra support in ‘finding the way’ in a major public hospital where her choice for VBA2C would be respected.

We found an obstetrician who respected her choice, and my client met up with me regularly to embark on my ‘emotional and physical preparation’ for her VBA2C.

The day finally arrived where her little boy decided to be born. I called the hospital to say that my client was having regular contractions, and that she was in ‘established labour’ and we were coming in. The midwife on the phone on hearing that my client wanted a VBA2C said ‘Oh no, if she has had two previous caesareans, then this one will need to be a caesarean also’. I gave a simple explanation that this decision had been discussed during her pregnancy, and that this was indeed my clients intentions’. On arrival to the hospital we were greeted by that same midwife who was warm and encouraging. All the doctors and midwives who we met were respectful, encouraging, and realised that my client was clearly demonstrating that she was progressing well in labour and her baby was coping well with her labour.

After an approximate 8 hour labour, my client gave birth spontaneously to her 4.4kg baby! Both Mother and baby are well, and her determination and commitment has helped her achieve her wish to have her baby naturally.

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