What a delightful way to return from my holidays

It was an honor and privilege to be part of this amazing birth, my clients first baby, the first Mamatoto baby for 2017, born in the safety of my clients home, surrounded by family, midwives and the dog!

My clients labour was quite quick really for a first baby, but it reminded me of how stunning and spectacular birth can be when we allow nature to take its course, and when we genuinely support women and their families.

I arrived at about 6am, loud roaring sounds coming from the house, wow I thought, she really is moving along and sounds quite close to being ready to birth her baby.  She had just hopped into the birth pool, partner topping it up with hot water, offering her sips of water, and pieces of apple to eat.  Occasional grunting noises, followed by breathing, followed by occasional strong pushes.  All was well, baby’s heart beat very reassuring and despite working very hard, my client was coping very well with very strong contractions.

I decided to call Louise (the second midwife) as I felt this baby would arrive soon, Louise sounded excited and said she was 20 mins away.  My clients partner made it very clear that he wasn’t going to be able to help with ‘that birth stuff’ if Louise didn’t arrive in time and I assured him Louise would definitely make it and that baby wouldn’t arrive before Louise!

Louise arrived and we took it in turns to pour warm water over my clients belly, and she would sometimes lie down in the bath and then flip over into a kneeling position.  All the while Mother and baby coping very well.

After some time I heard my client announce excitedly in a loud voice ‘Oh my, it’s just there!  It’s just sitting there, OMG it’s just there, I can feel the head, I can sooooo do this’ she said. She went on to say she could have 10 children (her partner said that’s what he was worried about!) and that she was actually having fun.

So my client ended up guiding her baby’s head out with her hand placed on her baby’s head, with some pushes, some breaths, some nudges, slowly and gently, all the while Mumma and bubba were in perfect health.  Then the head was born, then the shoulders, and my client wrapped her hands around her baby and guided her up out of the water into her arms.  Her face said it all, joy, absolute delight and amazement at what had just unfolded.

I was on such a high after her birth, thinking of how my client’s relationship as a couple had bonded even more and had moved to the next level.  Hearing the Father of the baby talk about this woman, her power, her strength, her incredibly positive mind set, her awesomeness.  And his support and their mutual respect for each others wishes for the birth.  And what a great start as a new family, such a happy healthy Mother, a baby born gently, through water, into her Mother’s hands and arms. Kept together, skin to skin, early breast feeding, all uninterrupted.

Thank you for choosing me to be your Midwife. I know how privileged and honoured I am to be asked to be part of these life changing experiences for women, their families and their babies. Love Juliana xxoo




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