Why are some babies born quite blue in colour?

A lot of people will look at this photo in shock and think this baby doesn’t look well!  This photo was taken the second after this little boy was born and he was very healthy indeed.

Babies in the womb have a very high haemoglobin in order to carry oxygen around their body.  In the womb they are a bluey pink colour as represented in this truely magnificent photograph.  They live in the womb in a relative state of low oxygen compared to what we need once we are born.  Once healthy babies take their first breath, their colour changes so that their central body is pink.  Their hands and feet can stay blue for the first day or so and this occurs in about 50% of babies!

Many thanks to Sarah, Eric and baby Reef for sharing this beautiful photo, and also to Sigrid Petersen photography for taking such beautiful photographs and for letting me use these photos xx

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