Will Midwives be able to have visiting rights in Public Hospitals soon?

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The Department of Health has very recently released the “Eligible Midwives & Collaborative arrangements: An implementation Framework for Victorian Public Helath Services”.

Public Hospitals to date have stated that they have been waiting for this document before they will consider collaboration and visiting access for privately practicing midwives.

There are many benefits of this model of care going ahead. Women will be able to choose their midwife and have a known midwife provide them with antenatal, labour and birth and postnatal care and medicare will be able to provide large rebates for this model of care.

Women will be admitted to the Public Hospitals as Private patients. Midwives will be required to work within the hospitals Policies and Procedures.

I am keen to get this model ‘up and running’ in as many public hospitals as possible, and it is my belief that this will be a very popular choice of care for women and their families. I also believe it will encourage women of higher risk seeking homebirth, to instead birth in hospital with a known private midwife. I also believe caesarean section rates will decrease, and there will be better outcomes for mothers and babies, and a saving of hospital resources.

Women also need to contact their local public hospital and tell them that this is the model of care they want to choose.

A hard copy of the framework has been distributed to CEOs of public health services and is available on-line at www.health.vic.gov.au/maternitycare

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