Women need privacy in order to labour well

It has been a while since I have written a blog as we have had some holidays while my children are off from school.

Last week I was with a client of mine for a hospital birth, and she wasn’t given privacy and space from the midwives looking after her.  The woman had a sense of being ‘watched’ and was in co-ordinately labouring with slow progress.  What concerns me most about this situation in particular is that when asked by the woman for a bit more privacy, the answer was ‘no – I need to be here and I don’t think me being here most of the time is inappropriate’!

I don’t agree!

Over and over again, I see how well women progress in labour if they feel private.  At all stages of a womans labour, she needs to feel private.  This is why birth pools work so well in dimly lit rooms.  Without the woman consciously realising it, she has a barrier between herself and others, privacy from the dim lights, and the rippling effect of the water.

Animals often give girth in the dark, or during the day they take themselves away and hide under or inside something, re appearing after the birth.  Why would we be any different from dogs, cats and cows?

We concieve these babies in privacy, and this is the way they should be birthed also.  It is no wonder we have the intervention rates that we do.


PS  I will look for some articles discussing this issue ip owner .

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