Vanessa’s Birth Story

“After having completed a Calm birth course and several books on preparing for an organic birth, I was certain that I wanted an experienced private midwife to assist me birth my first baby, even though I would be giving birth in a private hospital context.  I had an obstetrician on board and so it was a delicate exercise choosing a midwife who was both able to guide me to achieving the natural birth experience that I sought and able to work with my obstetrician who did not (until meeting Juliana) work with private midwives, only doulas.


Meeting Juliana was extremely refreshing.  She was not judgmental about my birthing choices but rather simply embraced a slightly different set of circumstances. Juliana even expressed enthusiasm about meeting my obstetrician! My husband Scott, and I felt that Juliana was most professional and the perfect balance for us!

Juliana gave me much excellent advice during my pregnancy and links to some very good articles on matters such as the application of antibiotics during labour when GBS positive, and current research on the immunisation debate. In the end though, Juliana allowed me to balance my obstetrician’s pragmatism with Juliana’s informed views and to make up my own mind. Again, as a first time mother desperately trying to make the right decisions for my child, I greatly appreciated this!!


In the end though and despite all of the deep analysis that I did, I had the most amazing natural birth that I could have ever wished for! My labour started at around 11pm in the evening.  I practiced my calm birth breathing throughout the night with my husband who rapidly fine tuned his knowledge of the tens machine ready for the next day.  Juliana arrived early in the morning and supported me through more solid deep breathing. As I was GBS positive, Juliana considered it best that she did not examine me internally so as to reduce any exposure to the baby.  She was therefore unable to tell for sure how dilated I was but assured me that she would know when it was time to head to the hospital.  That time came an hour or so later following a cup of fresh lemon and ginger tea and a touch of acupressure from Juliana (to help with my nausea).  I suddenly felt the contractions step up several notches in intensity and felt the need to push!  And so it was straight to the hospital which was only a 5 minute drive from our home.  I was only in hospital for one hour before I birthed my gorgeous baby daughter Claudia and happily, there was no time for antibiotics or otherwise! Juliana had an easy rapport with my obstetrician and the hospital midwives during the birth which was wonderful, and helped me to establish breast feeding immediately my daughter was born. It was all just such an amazing experience! Thank you so much Juliana for your professionalism, your rock solid support yet lovely and calming, uplifting energy – I couldn’t have asked for more than that!”

– Vanessa

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