mamatoto midwifery Services

Mamatoto Midwives offer you a comprehensive choice of
Maternity Care options.

Mamatoto Midwives offer the following services:


This is our specialty! You choose two of our amazing midwives who will care for you during your pregnancy and labour and birth at home. Lots of pregnancy care and education, labour and birth care by your midwives at home and we stay with you after the birth until you are ready to be tucked into bed with your family and new baby!

Come and meet up with us and we can tell you all about it!

Shared care and hospital support

We can offer either Shared Care (we are shared care accredited midwives with RWH, Mercy, and Sunshine hospitals) or a hospital support model where we see you at least four times in your pregnancy to help prepare you emotionally and physically for your birth and early parenting experience. We then care for you at home in early labour, then take you into hospital for your birth and stay with you as a support midwife.

We can offer postnatal care and see you after your birth as often as needed for the first six weeks after your birth.

Birth debriefing/ Counselling

Have you experienced a traumatic birth experience?

Juliana offers one to one birth debriefing/counselling with the aim of you being able to deeply unpack your birth experience and gain an understanding of events that happened during your labour and birth, including close assessment of your medical records. Then we plan ways to potentially improve your future birth experiences if you are wanting to have another baby.

Juliana has had 28 years of Midwifery Experience, and holds a Nursing and Midwifery degree, along with a Masters degree in Midwifery and a Masters degree in Clinical Nursing (Nurse Practitioner)


We know that tension through tight muscles and ligaments inside the pelvis can cause an obstruction and/or difficulty for the baby to descend and rotate through the pelvis in the most optimal way through birth. Our internal Pelvic release work can help release this tension, allowing your baby to have more optimal space to move through your pelvis.

Also learning perineal massage can help you to release and let go of tension in your perineum, and we can teach you how to massage the area in preparation for the birth, including softening of any scar tissue you may have from previous births.

Our midwives (Juliana, Shelley, and Josephine) are experienced in working with you to help release this tension, either in the privacy of your own home, or within our clinics.


Juliana, Shelley and Josephine are accredited to offer acuneedling (acupuncture by a midwife) as part of our midwifery care for common symptoms of pregnancy and birth preparation.

We can offer you acuneedling as part of your antenatal appointment for a small additional cost or as a separate appointment.

We can also provide acuneedling in the birth space and as part of at home postnatal appointments.


Whilst breastfeeding is natural, it doesn’t always come naturally.

Lactation support is an integral part of a woman’s journey to feeding her baby. We offer one to one breastfeeding sessions in pregnancy, focused on educating, planning and preparing you and your family for your newborn period. We also offer in home lactation support for once baby is born if you find yourself working through any challenges or issues with breastfeeding your baby.

Kirsteen is an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant and Endorsed midwife, whose aim is to educate you and empower you to reach your feeding goals


We also refer women to the following service providers should they be requested or required;

  • Acupuncturist
  • Aromatherapists
  • Chiropractor
  • Doulas
  • Homeopaths
  • Lactation Consultants
  • Naturopaths
  • Osteopath; paediatric and adult
  • Obstetricians
  • Physiotherapists
  • Psychiatrists / Psychologists
  • FEES

    Further information about our fees.

    Fee Structure

    Most of Mamatoto Midwives fees for pregnancy and postnatal care attract medicare rebates (except for calmbirth ® classes, a pregnancy and birth on call fee, and birth fees).

    Some Private Health Insurance Funds provide rebates for Midwifery Services such as for Antenatal care, Antenatal Classes, Birth Fees and Postnatal Care. Juliana has Provider Numbers for a number of Private Health Insurance Funds. Please see invoices for provider numbers.

    The fees charged for antenatal and postnatal appointments depend on whether or not you have your appointments at the midwives clinics or in your own home. Appointments at the midwives clinics are for an hour, and generally 1 to 1.5 hours at your home.

    Please contact Mamatoto Midwives for a detailed fee structure


    Most of the services offered by Mamatoto Midwives for pregnancy care, education, birth, and postnatal care attract a medicare rebate. The amount of rebate you can get depends upon your personal circumstances, such as how much money out of pocket you have paid for medical expenses in the year. Medicare Schedule fee is paid if your family has reached the medicare safety net of $399.60. A Medicare benefit (85%) is paid to families who have not reached the medicare safety net threshold for out of hospital services (such as antenatal and postnatal visits at the midwives clinic or in your home. A medicare benefit (75%) is paid for inhospital birth care.

    The scheduled fee and the medicare benefits paid to you as a rebate by medicare depend of the type of appointment/service you are offered by Mamatoto Midwives.

    What is the Medicare Safety Net?

    The Medicare Safety Net provides families and individuals with financial assistance for high out-of-pocket costs for out-of-hospital Medicare Benefits Schedule (MBS) services. Once you meet a Medicare Safety Net threshold, you may be eligible for additional Medicare benefits for out-of-hospital MBS services for the rest of the calendar year. Also available is the PBS Safety Net if you and your family need a lot of medicines in any year.

    The Extended Medicare Safety Net (EMSN) is paid to families who have reached the threshold of $1157.50 in out of pocket costs