Juliana starts her calmbirth practitioners training this week

I have started my calmbirth practitioners training this week with Peter and Sue Jackson. The course is enjoyable and very informative and has reminded me of many birthing moments in my profession.

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One of my earlier memories as a student midwife was of witnessing women in distress and suffering during childbirth. I remember asking myself why it seemed so hard for some women when (coming from a farming background) the cows seemed to labour and birth without much fuss most of the time, requiring assistance maybe 5-10% of the time. It was hard to even tell if the cows were in labour sometimes until birth was imminent, where they would take themselves to the edge of the herd, get up and down a few times, and birth their calves with the minimum of fuss.

Of course, there are some women who would make birth look easy and relatively effortless. Especially in a Family Birth Centre environment. These women wouldn’t have fear associated with their childbirth, and in turn, their positive beliefs and thoughts about their birth journeys turned into positive experiences. So why are some women fearful? Our culture talks about birth in a negative way generally. Many women believe pregnancy and birth is a highly risky experience and feel they need to see a Dr as they would if they were unwell. For some women, this life process is risky, but for the far majority of women, pregnancy, labour and birth is a state of ultimate health and wellbeing.

I feel that calmbirth courses can assist woman and their partners to change their negative beliefs about birth if they are wanting to make that change. What is amazing is that women already have these skills within them, calmbirth courses gives them the skills to utilise their own resources.

I will be running my first classes to 3 volunteer couples for 5 consecutive weeks from Thursday 24th October. Classes will run from 6.30pm until 9pm. If you are interested, the cost is free of charge, with the exception of $44 for the calmbirth relaxation/meditation DVD and book. This

session of classes would suit someone due to birth end of Dec or in January.

Please consider – Juliana

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