Lunch with Dr Catherine Hamlin

Last Thursday 500 people attended a fundraising lunch at Zinc in Federation square to support the Hamlin Foundation foundered by the amazing obstetrician and Gynaecologist Dr Catherine Hamlin.  All that attended would agree that the interview by Jennifer Keyte of Catherine Hamlin and her son was inspiring.

Mamatoto Midwives will be supporting the Hamlin Foundation in the future.  $10 from every client booking with Mamatoto Midwives or doing Calmbirth classes will be donated towards the cost of educating Midwives in Ethiopia so that each villiage can hopefully have a trained Midwife to care for their child bearing  women and be able to identify obstructed labour which is so often the cause of obstetric fistula.  I have discussed this option of donation with some other Calmbirth practitioners and they would like to support this foundation too.

The cost for one midwife to train is $4000 per year.

The photo is taken at the lunch with Aristea, Annie and Juliana (Aristea and Annie are Calmbirth Practitioners).


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